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Windjammers for Sega Megadrive is the unofficial port of the original NeoGeo arcade's hit to my favorite 16 bits console !

Project's scope:
- Arcade version levels 2 exclusive ones
- All original players and their individual skills
- Multiple shot types: Standards, lobs, super shots, circle shots,  toss
- Disc speed driven by reaction time
- 1 & 2 player game types
- And maybe more to come !

The current version available for download is a buggy pre-alpha version from late 2022 which doesn't reflect the current game evolution. Please be aware before purchasing/downloading/judging it ;)

The Team
Format_c:  436f646520616e6420534658
Pyron: GFX & palettes Wizzard
Lunoka: Music Bit Meister
Luke444: New characters desgin


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Windjammers Alpha 8 (outdated).bin 1 MB
Bonus level V1.1.bin 512 kB

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This game have good summer feeling, like California Games. I also added it to my Mega Drive / Genesis gameplay video I made.

The project is fantastic! I happily try every stage. I think the released Alpha 8 version is a bit too old to feedback, but if you push a new version I'll try it immediately. :))

Thank you for the nice feedback :)
Stay tune, some updates will be posted soon !

I need a refund for this.

The game is not playable.

It's just a screen of the game and nothing happens when I push a button.

Music plays.

When I donated money, I was under the impression that the game was playable.

This rom is a 10 moths or so outdated version. It should still play on gens. I ve just tested it on android with md.emu and i can play it.

Send me your email for paypal and i will transfer back your 2$. Note that this rom is free for download, the 2$ proposal is only there to support the ongoing work ;)

Let me try in Gems.

It's still just a screen of the game playing itself.

Could I have a refund please.

I think it should be made clear the game is not playable.


When I can play it, I'll contribute.

The game is playable. It s set to 1 player mode with left player controlled with Pad 1. I don t know what is wrong with your emu config, but it works for me and everybody who has  been trying it over the last 10 months.

Please post your pp email and i will refund you. Itch.io doesn t allow me to refund donations.

Maybe itch.io is not hosting the latest version. Where can I find the latest version?

This is an excellent conversion of the original game. I'm able to play the original on the MVS, and I have to say, I am very impressed with this port. There is no doubt that highly talented individuals, who love this game, are determined to push the Mega Drive/Genesis hardware limits to make it the best it can be.

Tellement hâte de tester ça *_*
Et j'adore le stage Speedball !!